Grundfos Blueflux® guarantees the highest motor efficiency

Every aspect of the technology driving a Grundfos Blueflux® motor has been developed to answer the real needs of the application in which the pump system or solution is installed – and always with an emphasis on reliability and efficiency.

A pump system or solution with a Grundfos Blueflux® motor has a considerably higher total efficiency than comparable solutions and reduces lifecycle costs substantially. When motor technology is combined with advanced pump design and the addition of speed control, Grundfos ensures superior system control, reduced day-to-day service costs, and lowered environmental impact.

Grundfos Blueflux® illustrates a range of skills and innovative processes that Grundfos brings to motor technology development. Grundfos was instrumental in the drafting and passing of the EuP Directive, setting the ecodesign requirements for electric motors for the European Union. As a technological leader of high-efficiency motors, Grundfos was invited to help with the technical aspects of the legislation.

Grundfos was able to create political awareness of the huge savings potential of variable speed motors and, at a late stage, influence the decision makers to include variable frequency drives in the new legislation. As a consequence, Europe’s annual electricity consumption will be reduced by 5% by 2020 – about 10 times more than originally planned before Grundfos intervened.

Our ability to get our knowledge of energy optimisation and of the issues facing customers taken into consideration by researchers, opinion leaders, politicians and partners means we are uniquely placed to offer solutions that keep Life Cycle Costs down, reduce CO2 emissions, and increase the sustainability of the pump system or solution.

The Grundfos Blueflux® label guarantees that the motor technology used is ahead of current market standards, and either meets or exceeds legislative requirements for motor efficiency, where these apply.

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As gamas SE e SL de bombas de águas residuais oferecem a mais elevada eficiência total do mercado.

Bombas para drenagem, efluentes e esgotos

Bombas para drenagem, efluentes e esgotos

Bombas multicelulares para pressurização numa vasta gama de aplicações

Uma gama completa de bombas centrífugas de voluta, monocelulares e não auto-ferrantes.

A Grundfos oferece uma gama virtualmente ilimitada de bombas de aspiração axial (NK) de acoplamento longo.

Bombas centrífugas, não auto-ferrantes, monocelulares, de voluta dupla, bipartidas

Grundfos BMP, bombas de pistão com módulo de pressurização.

CUE – conversor de frequência para bombas

Para aplicações de aquecimento e ar condicionado em edifícios comerciais

Small, medium and large circulator pumps fitted with communication equipment and electronically speed-controlled...

Gama completa de circuladores altamente eficientes concebidos para sistemas de aquecimento e água quente

As bombas CM e CME da Grundfos são bombas de aspiração axial centrífugas, não auto-ferrantes, horizontais,...

Sistema de pressurização completo Hydro MPC

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